Book Your Tickets for An Introduction to NLP for ADIs

What is An Introduction to NLP for ADIs?

Chris Bensted and Ian Brett are continuing to run their popular ‘Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming for ADIs’. This course is designed to give you real skills that can be taken away on the day. Enabling you to perform subtle changes in the way you teach your pupils, which will make big differences in how they learn, think and succeed. Read on to find out a bit more about this course before you book tickets for An Introduction to NLP for ADIs.

On the day you will learn:

  • The differences between the words ‘and’, ‘but’, ‘even though’ and how using them incorrectly can affect the way your pupil receives your feedback.
  • How incorrectly use of the word ‘dont’ can greatly damage your pupils driving.
  • How you can identify different information processing styles in your pupils by being aware of their breathing and understand why this is important.
  • Why letting your pupils sit down in the test centre waiting room can help them FAIL their driving test.
  • Why poor use of body language can alienate your pupils.

Most importantly though, Chris and Ian will give you the skills to help you fix these issues making your pupils happier, more confident and more successful.

Why is this important?

The more in tune with your current and prospective customers you can be the more effective you will find your business, your lessons and their future driving success. We often forget that its the small changes which make the biggest differences. Also on the day Chris and Ian will share their stories about when these techniques went well and when they went not so well so you can learn from their mistakes.

They will also be sharing some ideas that are not necessarily based on NLP but will help you to be a Better ADI along with a few tools they are developing to help make your industry better for everyone in it.

Tea, Coffee, biscuits and lunch will be provided along with several laughs.

Chris and Ian guarantee that you will discover something that you haven’t discovered before.

We currently have the courses below booked. We try and run it in as many locations as possible. If you would like us to come and deliver a course close to you please get in touch.

12th July 2017, Southampton

Milford on Sea Community Centre

Sea Rd

Milford on Sea

SO41 0PH

12th of September, Colchester


27th of November, Stirling

King Robert Hotel

Glasgow Road

Whins of Milton