Resources and Downloads

Welcome to our Resources and Downloads section. In this section you will find all the forms and documents we have mentioned in our webinars and courses. For your convenience we have grouped the articles by event so all you need to do is find the relevant event and you can find all the articles we have mentioned.

Standards Check Preparation

Two articles to help you pass your ADI Standards Check.

Better Standards Check Advice

My Standards Check and I

An Introduction to NLP for ADIs

If you have attended Chris and Ian's Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming for Driving Instructors course some of the handouts below.

VAKAd Test

The test used in the courses workbook to find your preference. We recommend you print this on two seperate sheets of paper to make marking it easier.


This test allows you to test for the more common VARK preferences.

Representational Systems

This document goes into more detail about the different Representational Systems and how you can best connect with each of the learning systems.

Wheel of Life

This is the Wheel of Life document from the course workbook available for you to print at home.

Anchors and Chains Information

More information on Anchors and Chains for you to use at home.