About Chris and Ian

Chris Bensted Driving Insructor

Chris Bensted

Chris Bensted has been an ADI since 2008 and has built up the first and one of the biggest Facebook groups. I’m a Driving Instructor (ADI or PDI) & I’m on Facebook has over 3,600 members and is a gerat source for help and advice. He has also written numerous articles for industry magazines, has appeared on Dipod several times has conducted several webinars for ADIs just like you. Chris is part of the committee at the Selkent Driving Instructors Association.

Ian Brett

Ian Brett has also been an ADI since 2008 and, with Chris, is building up an expanding driving school. Chris’ PA, as Ian is affectionately referred to, runs the technical and operations side of the business. Ian has run technology presentations aimed particularly at Driving Instructors using iPads at several Driving Instructor Associations in the South East of England. These include SELKent, SADDIA, and Caterbury and District Driving Instructors.

Ian Brett driving instructor

Between them Chris and Ian have jointly spoken at Selkent, SADDIA and Canterbury and District Driving Instructors Association on many topics including NLP and changing your perspectives and those of your pupils. They have run ther Neuro Linguistic Programming course all over England, in Swansea, Wales, and Stirling in Scotland. The most surprising thinkg about this course is the nnumber of people who have done it more than once and have always taken something extra away from it.