Better ADIs Superheroes


Better ADIs has been setup by Chris Bensted and Ian Brett who are two Approved Driving Instructors based in South East England who are fed up with the way our industry is perceived by the general public and the general apathy towards us and what we do.

Chris and Ian are looking to change the public's perception of our industry by making sure that ADIs are better trained, so that they can make themselves more valuable to their clients. By making ADIs work smarter rather than harder, through better use of the tools available to them to promote their business and do their job more efficiently and effectively. We want to make the public better aware of why we do and how we do this.

We want all driving instructors to be better at teaching their pupils, better at running their businesses and better at dealing with the changes in our industry.

We are doing this by running courses teaching driving instructors new skills, speaking at national driving instructor conferences and doing all we can to challenge the public's perception of driving instructors.

By doing this we can all work together to improve our industry together and by improving our industry we can all have a better life working in the industry we love.